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Kids Crowd Play School in Solaippan Street, Chennai was founded in the year 2016.Undoubtedly it is one of the best kindergartens in Royapuram. Kids Crowd center has a holistic and innovative learning method to engage the children to learn and have fun in the classroom. Indoor games are an easy activity and can be great for younger kids and toddlers and help them improve motor skills, stimulate the brain and promote quick thinking.

This center is well known for education where teachers take care of every student and make learning methodology more comfortably. A well-planned program to empower children (age between 2-6 years) to build cognitive abilities, communication, conceptual thinking, and creativity and cultivate positive attitudes.

Everything your child experiences in the preschool, play school, nursery and kindergarten years, will help to 'wire' his/her brain - for thinking, feeling, moving and learning. These are the years when we can make a big difference in your child's development and future. So, Forallin site is best for you, this site helps you to find a preschool with reviews of those other preschools in your locality.


  • Ac class room
  • Healthy snacks provide
  • trained teachers
  • kind helpers
  • good coaching
  • weekly activities
  • annual day celebration
  • field trip

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" Excellent atmosphere nice teachings "

Velmurugan / 2019-09-17


" Everything about this place is just amazing..Super kid-friendly, efficient curriculum and the teachers take great efforts to make it more interesting..! Highly recommend this school..!! "

Keerthiga / 2019-09-14

Navin Kumar

" Good Preschool in Royapuram "

Navin Kumar / 2019-09-14

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